NAKED SUPERMODELS: Things That Make People Go… Hmmmmm!

Back in the day, in the 1990s, Supermodels effortlessly ruled the fashion world and the media at large just the same. In retrospect, it was a great fashion period topped by great models. Just check out George Michael’s “Too Funky” video to get a taste, or Gianni Versace’s books. These girls were everywhere and people liked it that way.


What is surprising though, is that most of them, who are now well into their 40s, are still showing up in advertising campaigns, and are still quite relevant in this behemoth industry. Hey, when you look like that, why $top!

One of my favorite ads in the mid-1990s splattered all over New York City buses was of my girls naked and beautiful. The twist was that the campaign was anti-fur!  I never really bought the message, but I bought the shot. I’m a sucker for beauty.

Ironically, of all the initial campaign attendees, only Christy Turlington has remained fur-free. The others all wear fur and don’t bat an eyelash at their past poster.  Yes, my friend, the power of advertising plays with trends and consumer insecurities. Just check any books or articles on Edward Louis Bernays and you’ll know why.


Naomi Campbell wears fur for Dennis Basson


What is surprising to me now are the type of folks animal rights groups get on board to sell their agenda. ‘Castaways’ is a nice way to describe them. Most are known more for their tabloid-lifestyle than for their work. It’s SAD! I watch my share of trash-TV (The Surreal Life, Celebrity Rehab, Keeping Up with…, etc.), so I know what these characters are up to.


One recent “celebrity” ad really has me questioning:

Why use a porn actress to promote pet castration? Is this telling 13 year old girls that porno is the way to go because you like dogs and cats? Do you really think 13 year old boys really care about dogs and cats [or castration] when they see the poster?

Things that make you say… hmmmmmmm!