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  1. Mary Chwirut
    02 March 11, 7:25pm

    I recently inherited a fur jacket and a fur stole. I would like information on FICA’s charity program and where I might be able to donate these furs. I live in Rockville, Maryland

  2. Melissa Bruckler
    03 March 11, 7:06pm

    I have some fur collars in very good condition that my mother left me when she recently passed away. I understand you have a charity that takes donations where proceeds go to the Susan B Komen Cancer Foundation? I’d like to find out more information on this.
    Please email me with any details. Thank you very much.

    • PattieB
      19 January 12, 10:41am

      Did U know that animals suffer horrific torture on fur farms, including being skinned alive. Am not allowed to sent you a link on here, but if you care in the slightest, take the time to Google Chinese fur farms. I guarantee if you have the slightest feelings of humanity and decency, you will never even mention that you own any real fur items ever again. Your mother lived at a time when people didnt know about he cruelty of the product, but no one in modern times can claim that excuse.

      • fica
        22 August 12, 3:40pm

        Pattie….a video that is many years old that may or may not have been staged and took place in one particular place at one specific time is certainly not indicative of the practices of the fur inudstry. The industry is highly regulated throughout the world. Further, it is interesting to note that when the fur industry asked for further information on this alleged incident so that we could conduct an investigation we were denied. Finally, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand how unrealistic the concept of skinning an animal alive for its fur is. As the animal moves the fur would be damaged and cut, making it worthless. And the handler risks getting scratched and bitten. We respect your choice not to wear fur, or leather, or eat meat. But we do encourage you to seek the truth rather than to make allegations about things you clerarly know nothing about.

  3. Janice
    14 September 11, 6:02am


    I am currently filling out the paperwork concerning the IFTF International fur design competition, and the entry form has confused me in the last section where it states: Confirmation that garment is available for shipping 15 Feb 2011. Would I have to fill in the box with a signature? Or state: Yes? Please let me know how I could go about filling out that box in order to complete the form, thank you.

    Janice Lee

    • fica
      23 August 12, 11:48am

      Hi Janice

      Our 2013 Fur Design Competition is coming up. I have sent you all of the details. Please feel free to enter.

    12 December 11, 1:43pm



    • fica
      22 August 12, 3:47pm

      Check out our retail locator here and pay your local retailer a visit. They will be glad to give you an estimate.

  5. Corey
    14 March 12, 8:28pm

    There sure is a lot of fur on this website.. Interesting how you neglected to show the animals it once belonged to.

    • fica
      22 August 12, 3:41pm

      We are a website about fur fashion so it is most appropriate that we show apparel and accessories. If you are looking for pictures of animals might we suggest a zoology website?

  6. kerry dika
    31 May 12, 7:56am

    This organization is pathetic! To take the life of an animal for any reason is morally wrong! Animals don’t want to die just like humans don’t! If you really want to donate your fur, donate it to an organization that utilizes it for orphaned baby animals due to trapping.

    • fica
      22 August 12, 3:45pm

      We certainly respect your opinion. However many, in fact the great majority, do elect to wear leather, silk or fur, eat meat and support animal testing for medical purposes. Moreover, the majority also support freedom of choice. So, while we respect your choice not to wear fur, we ask that you support the choice of others to do as they choose. After all, the concept of moral superiority throughout history has never led to anything positive….just wars and genocide.

  7. Johnna Bryant
    22 July 12, 12:05am

    I live in central California and have a silver fox fur jacket I would like to sell. Could you guide me to an outlet to do so? Thanks

    • fica
      22 August 12, 3:29pm

      The best recommendation is to check out our retail locator here and contact retailers nearest you. Good luck!

      • Misty
        12 November 15, 7:33am

        When you say refer to your retail locator, do you mean the “Where to Buy” section on the top of the page? Sorry. I just feel silly that I can’t find it.

        • FICA
          07 December 15, 12:52pm

          Yes…the “Where to Buy” section. Sorry for any confusion!

  8. 20 August 12, 12:23pm

    On the 2013IFTF ReMix International Fur Design Competition Categories and Entry Requirements, under the “Pimp my Coat” category, it states that a photograph of a vintage coat was attached as a design template. I did not receive the attached photograph. I was hoping you could send it to me. I have several students who are interested in that competition. Thanks.

    • fica
      23 August 12, 11:04am

      Hi there Judy

      Thank you so much for your question and interest in this exciting fur design competition. It is really a fabulous opportunity for your students and your school in general. I have sent you an email with the requested information. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any further questions you may have.

      Nicole Smith

  9. CarolV
    16 October 12, 10:47am

    Hi, I’ve submitted my designs for both the Remix and the Pimp my coat competitions, but haven’t seen a list of the ones that were chosen. Did you contact the students already??

    Thank you,


    • fica
      06 November 12, 12:00pm

      Hi Carolina

      Thanks for your entry. Check your email….I sent out the update today. You have been chosen as the US finalist for the PIMP MY Coat Category! Congrats

  10. sharon miller
    19 August 13, 9:50am

    I recently inherited a fur coat from my mother, I am trying to find out if it is real or fake fur, there is not a tag in the coat. The only tag states “Clean by fur method do not brush, press or steam.”. I tried the locator for my area (within 100 miles) and did not get an answer. So I take there is not anyone within 100 miles for me to take the coat to and find out the value of the coat. I live in central S. C. Thank you for any advice.

    • Nicole Smith
      01 April 15, 11:05am

      You can go in our “Where to Buy” section and put in a zip code and see what member furriers come up in your area

  11. Julia Stephenson
    06 January 15, 7:11pm

    I would like to know of any local furriers in my area of Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

    • Nicole Smith
      01 April 15, 10:57am

      Hi Julia

      You can go in our “Where to Buy” section and put in a zip code and see what member furriers come up in your area

  12. Julia Stephenson
    06 January 15, 7:15pm

    I am interested in training to be a furrier and looking for workshops/training. Any information about furrier training in the US is greatly appreciated.

    • Nicole Smith
      01 April 15, 10:56am

      Hi there Julia

      If you are in the NYC area I suggest you contact one of our member partners Jonevon Furs and ask for John Petkanas (212) 714-0645. Let him know that FICA referred you.

      best of luck!