Fur Trim Cloth & Leather Garment Care

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Any amount of fur on a garment will benefit when it is cared for as described on the pages of this website. Cloth garments are usually dry-cleaned or laundered. Fur can be severely damaged by either of these processes. Leather has its own set of cleaning requirements. Therefore, special precautions must be taken by your Authorized Furcare Specialist℠ when cleaning non-fur garments trimmed with fur.

Cloth Trimmed With Fur

Most cloth materials can endure the fur cleaning process with no affect on their integrity. Therefore, if you feel the fur on your garment needs to be cleaned, but the cloth part does not, it may be OK to clean your entire garment using the fur process. In some cases, certain precautions (as determined by you and your Authorized Furcare Specialist℠) may need to be taken. For example, it may be necessary to remove the fur trim from the garment so that the different materials can be cleaned using the appropriate processes. Afterwards the fur is reattached. Do not be surprised if there are extra fees for these services, but they are usually reasonable and worth the price, especially when the amount of labor involved is considered. In some cases your furrier can clean the fur trim by hand and spot clean the cloth portion as needed.

Leather Trimmed With Fur

Humidity level is important when a fur will be hanging in one place for a significant amount of time. If the humidity is too low (dry air) the natural oils in the pelts will evaporate more rapidly causing the garment to become dry and deteriorate. If the humidity is too high (damp air) they pelts can rot at a fast rate.

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