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  1. Emily
    26 March 12, 11:21am

    SAKS in Boca recommended I have my furs appraised for a donation tax-credit and referred me to The St. Lucie Appraisal Co from Fort Pierce, Florida. The appraiser did a wonderful job preparing the reports on each garment along with the necessary IRS forms. I highly recommended St. Lucie Appraisal as fur appraisers in Florida.

    • fica
      22 August 12, 3:34pm

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. 09 July 12, 5:27pm

    Good Afternoon,

    My fiancé and I own two what we believe to be rabbit fur blankets/rugs. We were both deployed to Afghanistan and that is where we were able to buy them. Unfortunately, as it turns out, we are both highly allergic to the fur and we wish to sell both of the blankets. Does your organization have any recommendations or reference for fur consumers anywhere in Louisiana, Texas, or the West Coast (as we will be there this time next year). Any information you may be able to provide will help us immensely. We have posted on Craigslist and other sites and we haven’t had very much luck. Thanks so much in advance!

    James and Ariana

    • fica
      22 August 12, 3:33pm

      Thank you for checking in with us! Here are two ideas….First, check out our retail locator and contact retailers in your area. Second, if you have a facebook account do a search for sites with the word fur. There is a good site called We Love Fur. Her you will have an audience of people interested in fur products. Good luck!

  3. Joanne
    22 January 14, 6:25pm

    I have two fur coat/jacket both which are vintage. I believe I have a Chinchilla ( I think) jacket a friend gave to me years ago. I also have a cheetah leopard coat which my mother bought in or about 1957 and would love to know how much these both are worth. The jacket only has an embroidery flowers on the inside lining and the coat is a Safari Fairmoor brand. Thank you for all your help and have a great week!

    • Nicole Smith
      01 April 15, 11:04am

      You can go in our “Where to Buy” section and put in a zip code and see what member furriers come up in your area

  4. Phyllis
    25 August 14, 5:58am

    I have a vintage fur stole, found among my late Mothers things. How do I get it appraised? It is very old, it belonged to my Grandmother. It is in very good condition. There is no label inside just a design. I live in North East Florida. Thank you.

    • Nicole Smith
      01 April 15, 11:00am

      Hi Phyllis
      You can go in our “Where to Buy” section and put in a zip code and see what member furriers come up in your area

  5. Linda Bernal
    18 December 14, 3:00pm

    I was recently given a golden textured mink fur coat, made in Germany, by one of my girlfriends. It was her aunt’s. It’s in beautiful condition, but it needs to be updated.
    I need to locate a reputable furrier who can revamp the coat a bit. I am looking for someone in the Cherry Hill NJ area.

    • Nicole Smith
      01 April 15, 10:58am

      Hi Linda

      You can go in our “Where to Buy” section and put in a zip code and see what member furriers come up in your area

  6. diane
    15 November 15, 8:09am

    I have long fur lined leather I bought at Bloomindales in 1987. As you probably can imagine it has the big padded shoulders. Where can I find someone to update it in the DC/VA area?

    • FICA
      07 December 15, 12:51pm

      So sorry for the delayed reply. Please go to the retail locator here and plug in your city or zip code for the retailer nearest you.

      • FICA
        07 December 15, 12:53pm

        To clarify…our retail locator is our “Where to Buy” page.