IFTF ReMix Student Design Competition

The ReMix International Student Design competition was introduced in 2003 by the International Fur Trade Federation in collaboration with MiFur, the Milan based international fur and leather exhibition.

The competition aims to encourage, inspire and support young designers as they develop and explore their relationship with fur, as well as giving them an opportunity to showcase their innovative designs to an international audience.

Now in its ninth year the program continues to grow with over 250 students from more than 21 countries having taken part since 2003.

IFTF ReMix 2014 Forms

How ReMix works

Design students from across the United States are invited to send their original sketches in 8 1/2″  x 10″ format, a personal bio, and an entry form to the FICA office in California before the October deadline. All entries will be considered and judged by FICA’s Fashion Committee. FICA will choose three US winners to be entered into the IFTF competition along with the winners from other countries.

The three US winners will each be assigned a manufacturer who will donate labor with skins to be provided by one of the four major auction houses/marketing organizations in order to make the student’s dream garment become a reality.   When the garment is completed the student is required to photograph the garment on a model and forward the photographs to the FICA office.  Styling of photography is encouraged.  These photos are then submitted to the IFTF and are reviewed by an international panel of judges that has been selected by the IFTF.  Eight finalists are chosen from around the world.

These eight finalists are flown from all over the globe to Milan, Italy for the annual MiFur fur fashion  fair, usually held in March. Here they will participate in a runway fashion show and gala where their designs are presented to the international fashion community as well as key fashion editors from around the world.  From this presentation the judges will select the three final winners who will receive cash prizes.


For both the US and international phases of judging student designs will be judged on (1) creativity, (2) wearability and (3) saleability.

For the international phase the two rounds of  judging are as follows:

Round 1 – An international jury nominates their eight choices of garments from all the entries received. In addition, fashion journalists are invited to view all entries and make their selection. The media vote constitutes 20% of the overall round 1 result.

Round 2 – All garments are displayed in a special exhibition at MiFur where visitors to the fair are asked to nominate their choice from the eight short listed finalists. The eight finalists then present their designs to a smaller jury, and answer any questions and talk about their designs in more detail. Finally, the garments are then viewed again during the runway presentation. The combined vote from MiFur visitors and the round 2 jury decides the overall winner.


The three US winners will be gifted with the fur coat that was designed by them. FICA will also promote the three US winners nationally through press efforts.

Eight international finalists will be flown from their home country to MiFur, with airfare and accommodations covered by the IFTF.

At the international level, the first, second, and third place winners will receive cash prizes. To mark the eighth year of the competition and the continued success of the Origin Assured Program, IFTF  introducde a special Origin Assured (OA) prize category in 2010. The format of the competition will remain the same, but any garment that is entered into ReMix 2010 which uses OA only fur will be eligible to be put forward for the additional special OA prize.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Students should complete the entry form and send it to the Fur Information Council of America (FICA) by Monday September 20, 2010, along with the required supporting material (sketch, description and biography). Any entry received after this date will not be accepted for the competition.
  2. All entries must include the following three items:
    • A detailed color sketch of design concept (preferably in a jpeg format, sized to fit an 8 1/2″ x 10″ sheet of paper and no larger than 2MB);
    • A completed entry form; and
    • A biography. Student’s biography must include: Name of school, age, inspiration for your design, and any relevant awards won.
  3. The three items must each be printed on paper as well as burned to a CD. Please do not mark the sketch with the designer’s name or the name of the country. If an entry does not include these three components, it will be excluded from the competition.
  4. The three finalists will then be notified by our office. FICA will help the finalists secure a manufacturer who will help to create their fur garment, which will need to be completed and photographed by approximately Monday, December 13, 2010.
  5. Should the designer be chosen by the jury as one of the finalists for the international competition, the designer must indicate in the entry form that the garment will be available for photography by approximately Monday, December 14, 2010.  This is a condition of entry.
  6. All entries submitted must be the work of the designer. Entries will only be accepted from design students and those who have graduated from design school within the past two years.
  7. An appointed international jury will conduct the judging of the competition. The judges’ decision will be final.
  8. Entry constitutes permission to use the participants’ and winners’ names, photographs, and/ or likenesses of the design entries for public relations purposes and for appearance in any exhibition on behalf of the IFTF and on the IFTF website.
  9. Entrants must make themselves available for press events if they win.
  10. While every effort will be made to limit such eventuality, the rules, terms and conditions outlined here remain subject to modification by IFTF without notice. Every effort will be made to highlight any changes to the designer and professor at the earliest opportunity.

Please send all material to:
Keith Kaplan, Executive Director
Fur Information Council of America
8424 A Santa Monica Blvd. Ste.860
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Email: info@fur.org


  1. Kathy Kerr-Carpenter
    01 September 11, 6:55pm

    The dates listed in your website and on your entry forms are 2010
    is this competition happening in 2011??

    • fica
      23 August 12, 11:49am

      Hi Kathy

      Our 2013 Fur Design Competition is coming up. I have sent you all of the details. Please feel free to enter.