Retail Sales of fur Up for 2010

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(Los Angeles, CA)  February 28, 2011—The Fur Information Council of America (FICA) reports an overall sales increase of 3.1% for 2010 versus year ago as the results of their annual retailer sales survey for 2010 have been finalized.  This brings total US retail fur sales to $1.3billion.   “The combination of a cold winter and fur’s presence as a major fashion trend worked together to support sales increases,” noted Executive Director, Keith Kaplan.

 According to Andre Ferber, President of Jacques Ferber Furs, Philadelphia, “This year customers seemed to be looking for shorter more fashion oriented pieces.  We saw customers buying several pieces and we saw a greater range of customers coming through our doors.  Of course, this meant higher unit sales volume….after all, these shorter garments generally reflect lower price points than the full length coats so it means we are selling more units…and overall we have had an increase in total sales.”  

Mink remains the most popular fur representing approximately 70% of all fur sold at retail.  Sheared mink continues to show strong growth as does knitted fur.  Other fur types showing growth are broadtail, which has seen an increase in use for both outerwear and ready to wear looks.  Fox and beaver, popular for trims, have also experienced growth.