Overworked Furs Deserve A Break: 4 Reasons To Professionally Clean & Store A Fur

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Thursday March 20, 2014 (West Hollywood, CA) — Coming off the heels of an especially brutal and long winter filled with record-breaking snow, slush and sleet, there’s no time like the present to think about treating your furs as well they’ve treated you. Because the purchase of a fur garments is often an investment purchase, it stands to reason that consumers would want to protect them for as long as possible; that’s where professional cleaning and storage comes in.

Barry Kirsch, owner of Central Fur Storage a 4th generation fur servicing company founded in 1947 and boasting a yearly storage volume of approximately 130,000 articles, including all types of outerwear, such as fur, leather, suedes, shearlings, fur trimmed and fur lined items, states “Nothing prolongs the life of your fur garments like a good cleaning and storage regime. Consumers have to remember that they’re buying a luxury item and it should be treated as such much like one would upkeep a luxury vehicle.” To shed some more light on the benefits of proper fur storage, here are some more helpful facts to consider:

Fur Fact #1 – Furs Can Crack & Mold

Yes, it’s true, if fur is not kept in the ideal setting, including temperature and humidity, it will crack and tear. According to Barry, “Ideally, climate controlled vaults should maintain a 34-50 degree Fahrenheit temperature and a humidity of between 45 and 50 %. After the extreme winter we’ve experienced, with back to back Polar Vortices, personal fur garments have definitely been exposed to harsh conditions and elements.”

Fur Fact #2 – Bugs Be Gone!

Vermin, dust mites and moths consider a dormant fur coat their paradise. Proper temperature and humidity control during periods of nonuse deters these pesky critters from setting up shop and calling your cozy fur their home. Besides, we all know what moths can do to your garments if you’re not careful. And, while many believe that a cedar closet is optimal for fur storage, because they do in fact deter moths and other critters, the downside is that the wood also draws moister from the air and therefore accelerates the drying and cracking of furs.

Fur Fact #3 – Furs Attract & Hold Dirt

Proper cleaning removes the accumulated dirt and grease that, if left uncleansed, will reduce the life of the garment and leave the skins looking dull and matted. Professional cleaning restores luster, softens the pelts, enhances the beauty, and assures longevity. This is especially important because salts used during winter de-icing can be particularly harmful to your coat and adds urgency to having a professional cleaning.

Fur Fact #4 – Ongoing Maintenance & Repair

Much like a beloved car, everything and everyone could use a little “tune up” every now and then. Parking your furs for the summer in professional storage allows the pros to give your garments their professional once-over and recommend minor repairs, such as small tears in the seams you might not see, before they become major blemishes.

For additional fur storage information, or to find an authorized Fur Care Specialist™ in your area visit FurCare.org. And, to help make your fur shopping easier for next season, visit FurInsider (www.furinsider.com), your source for fashion, trends and fur insight fresh from the runways.