Press Releases

November 2009, Los Angeles, CA

In preparation for Fur Free Friday, FICA has created “ADDRESSING THE ISSUES” to provide members with updated, factual information regarding the fur industry. This communications guide is designed to help FICA members answer tough questions and to feel more comfortable in talking about their industry whether dealing with the press, animal activists or even their own clients.
For 2009 FICA has included information on the new OA Label, one of the most significant initiatives put forth by the fur industry in many years. In light of recent campaigns targeting the industry they have also included a discussion detailing the truth about Asiatic raccoon or finnraccoon. As the green movement continues to gain momentum the Guide provides some interesting facts about fur’s role as one of the most environmentally “friendly” fibers available today. Also reflected are 2008 retail sales figures presented in the context of current economic conditions and results of a 2009 Gallup poll on social acceptance of fur. A brief presentation details the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) and what it means for retailers and their customers. The Guide also offers suggestions for dealing with threatening phone and fax campaigns and electronic “attack” (DOS) and includes templates of letters for customer response when AR issues are raised.
“Addressing The Issues” was sent to all FICA members via e-mail blast early Thanksgiving week. If you did not receive your copy please contact Christie at 323-782-1700.