Fur Information Council of America introduces “Authorized Fur Care Specialist” Program

Press Releases

July 2009, West Hollywood, CA

Due to current economic conditions many fur consumers are cutting back on summer services. They are not storing or cleaning their furs, seeking alternatives to the traditional furrier, attempting fur services at home, or just waiting until “next year”. Younger consumers simply are unaware of proper fur care. Accordingly, FICA has developed the Authorized Fur Care Specialistsm program to provide customers with proper fur care guidelines and to promote the professional expertise of fur retailers.

The key elements of the program are a “fur care” label specifically oriented to educate the consumer on recommended fur care services and the new www.furcare.org website to support and demonstrate to the consumer the need for proper fur care provided by a Furrier. Presented as a “third party” authoritative voice, the label and the website will provide the final word in fur care giving customers definitive guidelines for fur care and service. This program sells retailer services so the retailer doesn’t have to….eliminating any perceptions that the retailer is simply trying to upsell unnecessary services!!!
FICA will be promoting the Authorized Fur Care Specialist program through our fur.org website, in trade media and through a national public relations effort (including edit in national women’s magazines) designed to generate public awareness and encourage consumers to learn the facts about fur care. While enrolled in the program retailers will be listed on the Authorized Fur Care Specialist website in a special retail locator section. As well as being listed on the website, FICA will provide in-store support materials and the “fur care” garment labels to help educate customers on proper fur storage and cleaning.
For more information on the Authorized Fur Care Specialist program please contact the FICA office.