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January 2010, West Hollywood, CA

The recent cold weather shows that when temperatures drop, the ultimate cold weather fashion must-have is fur…whether full fur coats, cozy fur scarves or warm fur hats. The recent cold snap across the United States has numbed even the warmest of states, including Texas, Florida, and Southern California. Retailers everywhere are bustling with activity as consumers nationwide head to their local furriers in droves to take their furs out of storage, remodel and recycle their furs, or purchase chic new fashionable furs.
“Our storage vaults are nearly empty as customers have rushed in to get their coats out to meet the cold. And retail traffic has increased substantially,” says Missy Love of Alaskan Furs in Kansas City, KS. Most cities are seeing the coldest winter they have in years, with temperatures falling well below freezing…and in some cases, even below zero.
The chilly weather also gives fur coat owners a reason to spruce up an otherwise old or outdated garment. “The cold weather, combined with the improved economic outlook has customers more willing to spend. We are seeing an uptick in sales as well as remodel activity,” says David Goodman of Goodman Couture in New York City. And Kathy Rezny of York Furriers in Chicago, IL says, “Cold weather has positively impacted business. In addition to people taking their coats out of storage, we are seeing a big increase in restyles.”
Freezing fashionistas can make a statement and fend off the bitter weather by showing off their fabulous fur pieces, which can range from a sumptuous sable coat to a simple rabbit scarf. Furs come in a wide range of price points, styles, and colors, but they all have one thing in common – keeping the wearer much warmer than he/she would be in any other synthetic material.
Derek Lam’s white fox coat and Bill Blass for the Global Fur Group’s Canadian lynx jacket are classic styles with a modern twist, sure to stave off the harsh temperatures. For fur styles that turn up the heat, look to Malandrino’s deco argento mink trench and Cassin’s mink pave long cocoon vest. Accessories are also key this winter for fashionably braving the cold. A natural ranch mink hat by Dennis Basso, a fox trapper’s hat by Michael Kors, and an oversized silver fox collar ring by Cushnie et Ochs are staple accessories for the current cold season. To view photos of these pieces, please go to https://www.fur.org/fashion_designers.cfm