FICA 2011 Sales Release

Press Releases

(Los Angeles, CA) March 1, 2012—The Fur Information Council of America (FICA) reports an overall sales increase of 3.4% for 2011 versus year ago as the results of their annual retailer sales survey for 2011 have been finalized. This brings total US retail fur sales to $1.34billion. “Fashion was the driving force behind sales increases with vests, cropped jackets and boleros among the most popular items, ” noted Keith Kaplan, Executive Director of The Fur Information Council of America. “The burgeoning fur accessories category also fueled growth with the creative applications of fur on hats, bags, shoes, and boots,” he added. “And the fur scarf was a major trend and gift item”.

According to Andre Ferber, President of Jacques Ferber Furs, Philadelphia, “Sales of more fashion-oriented items continues to drive our business and brings in a wider demographic who tend to add to their shopping cart with accessories and gift items. Further attesting to the recognition of fur as fashion, more and more young customers came in for remodels of garments handed down to them by their mothers or grandmothers.”

Though fashion appeared to be key in bringing customers into stores, weather, too, positively influenced annual sales. “The relatively long winter, highlighted by repeated blasts of Arctic temperatures across much of the country also brought customers into the stores,” noted New York manufacturer John Petkanas of Jonevon Furs, “and we saw strong orders of even the fuller, all fur outerwear garments throughout the season.”

Mink remains the most popular fur representing approximately 70% of all fur sold at retail. Sheared mink showed strong growth as did knitted fur. Fox continues to be popular as designers embrace its luxurious, dramatic look for garments, accessories and trims. Other longer-haired fur types such as Coyote and raccoon gained from the popularity of vests and scarves for which they are particularly well-suited.