The Fur Runway Report- 2/12/08

Press Coverage

February 2008, Los Angeles, CA


Fall/Winter 2008 Fashion Week ended with a bang. As fashion editors headed toward the tents for the finale of the internationally watched event, it was abundantly clear that fur was an essential element in almost every collection and that great American designers are at the forefront of fur fashion.
Designers continued to channel the past, with the ’20s, ’50s, early-’60s and ’70s as their key sources of inspiration. Important new trends, key items and colors emerged as fashion week progressed. New, dressed up chic sportswear looks, including jackets and trousers, balanced out the preponderance of pretty ladylike sheath dresses and tailored suits.
New casual fur styles also emerged, notably the fur vest — shown in every style from bolero to coat-length, sheared to long-haired, and casual to dressed down. The fur muffler — perfect when paired with a tweed coat or a blazer — and the fur stole were the natural accompaniment to a beautifully cut coat or suit. The newest fur coats were frequently 3/4- or 7/8-length or integrated one, two or three furs. Fur trims were everywhere, lavishing sweater knits, tweeds, metallics and menswear plaids, and the fur shawl collar made a major statement on coats, jackets, and sweaters.
Grey tones and warm neutrals emerged as key color stories with mink, silver and red fox, chinchilla and sable leading this season’s fur story. Color made a comeback on the runway and furs followed suite, showing up in unexpected emerald, sapphire, amethyst and violet tones.
With the return of great American sportswear to the fashion arena, menswear fabrications, including pinstripes, plaids and tweeds accompanied dressier charmeuse, crepe back satin and chiffon for both day and evening. Rich textural mixes of fur, satin, tweed and metallics were the order of the day as grown-up style moved to the fashion forefront. The Fall/Winter 2008 collections are all about stylish, chic fashion and the important fur looks that make them happen.