FICA invites fur retailers, wholesalers, and anyone else who has a vested interest in the fur industry to join the organization.

What is the 1% solution?

This program is the core of FICA’s financial support. With funds collected from retailers and manufacturers participating in the 1% solution, The Fur Information Council of America is able to create new programs and continues to support the successful programs already in place for its members. Contributions to this program go directly to promote the fur industry through media, education and legislative work at the national and state level. Your participation is crucial to keep FICA’s proactive programs up and running.

Why participate in the 1% Solution?

For those who are FICA board members or interested in becoming part of the board, participation in the 1% Solution is a fixed qualification (FICA By-Laws, Article IV. Section 7).

Also, playing a part in the 1% Solution is a tangible and commendable way to help your industry without having to write a substantial check.

Example of how the 1% Solution Works?

  • Manufacturer sends Retailer an invoice for $100.00.
  • Retailer sends Manufacturer a check to pay for the invoice in the amount of $99.50 and stamps the invoice 99.5% paid and .5% (or $0.50 cents) paid to FICA.
  • Manufacturer receives the check for $99.50 and fills out the Manufacturer’s Worksheet, noting the Retailer that paid their .5%.
  • Retailer then matches this .5% and sends FICA a check for $1.
  • Manufacturer mails or faxes this worksheet to FICA monthly.
  • Retailer sends FICA a check every month with all 1% payments, along with a filled-out Retailer’s Worksheet, which specifies all Manufacturers and the amount deducted from them.
  • FICA staff matches payments between Retailer and Manufacture Worksheets.

In other words, .5% is deducted from the manufacturer’s invoice and matched by the retailer (a total of 1%), who forwards a check to FICA.

How to Calculate the Amount Due to FICA:

Simply multiply the amount on the Manufacturer’s invoice by .01.

Example: $100 x .01 = 1 or $1.00.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at (323) 782-1700.

Fax (812) 279-2270

Remit 1% payments to:
Cindy Sarracino
c/o Jacques Ferber Furs
1708 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA  19103

Where Does My FICA $$ Go?

The Fur Information Council of America is in its strongest and most proactive position ever. We are currently funding many aggressive programs that benefit the fur industry in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, the following:

Fur Industries of North America (FINA)  is a legislative project that  brings a consortium of fur industry representatives to Capitol Hill several times each year to lobby on trade and eco-terrorism issues. We have also developed programs to encourage our retailers to visit congressmen/senators in their home offices, preparing them with materials and talking points to make these meetings meaningful and effective. In addition, Fur wRaps the Hill participates in or co-produces several events each year in Washington DC to build alliances with key lawmakers and administration officials.

FICA’s fashion promotion efforts are on-going throughout the year and include several key promotions. In early February, FICA plays a prominent role in the 7th on Sixth shows held in New York City showcasing the following fall/winter designer collections.  Our Fur Runway Report in WWD runs for five days, highlighting the fur looks within key designer collections and delivering the message to editors from around the world that fur is an integral part of the fashion scene.

During the year the FICA office distributes press releases to over 1400 editors featuring a “newsworthy” story about fur. Topics include caring for your fur, fur restyling, holiday gift ideas, the new men’s fur, fur accessories for the home, and profiles of hot, new trends in fur. These releases are written with a customization option for local retailers to fill in their information and follow up with their local press contacts. Last year these releases resulted in stories that reached over 35 million readers. In addition each week our public relations team issues a “fashion flash” to a list of key media contacts via e-mail. These flashes are brief key statements about the latest news in fur fashion.

Our Furinsider social media program brings  current fur fashion news, videos and fashion images to a broad audience at  Our Facebook page at Fur Insider follows what’s trending in fashion, fur and celebrity to provide dozens of fantastic fur images daily.  More great fur images can be found on our Furinsider Instagram page with new images posted several times each day.  You’ll also find us on Twitter and Pinterest.   Go to and enter Furinsder in the search bar and you’ll find over 200 fun fur and fashion videos.  Through this comprehensive social media program we are currently delivering over 2,000,000 impressions monthly with plenty of shareable content to support our members’ social media and marketing efforts.

The Hollywood Project places fur in film and television as well as working with stylists to dress celebrities in fur for photo shoots, personal appearances and red carpet events. Celebrity and pop culture have never had a greater impact on consumer purchasing behavior and the Hollywood Project works to place fur prominently within this high profile world.

Our “Addressing The Issues” communications handbook is revised each year and distributed to our membership shortly before the annual Fur Free Friday protests. This guide contains useful information on how to prepare for protests and  dealing with protesters and the media. It also provides. the latest information and key talk points to enable our members to talk comfortably and intelligently with their clients, friends or the media.

If you would like a membership application:

icon_pdfDownload FICA Membership Application Form

or contact:

Fur Information Council of America
National Headquarters


P.O. Box 7818

Porter Ranch, CA 91327

E-MAIL: [email protected]

Telephone: 1 (800) 413-9036