Fur retailer’s and manufacturers are good citizens. In their own neighborhoods they are often civic leaders who contribute their time and talent to helping the community at large.

  • They support local charities, often donating fur coats to benefit charity auctions.
  • They help out at local and regional community activities and by acting as sponsors for local sports teams.
  • They volunteer their expertise and help out small business advisory services, sharing their business acumen with those attempting to start up their own business.
  • They work with local college design departments and sponsor the work of budding designers.

The Fur Information Council of America is also civic minded. Each year we collect used furs from retailers across the country, using them to create vintage fur boutiques for charities or turning them into furry teddy bears for sale.  Through these program FICA has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to breast cancer research and AIDS related charities among others.